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What is Westside Connection?
Westside Connection is a Youth Sports Organization designed to serve the students who attend a West High Feeder school by Providing Opportunity; Shaping Futures.


How do you communicate registration dates and time?

Registration dates and times are sent out via email, Facebook, website, flyers in folders at the elementary schools and announcements at the middle school.

Why does registration start so far before the season?

Registration dates are dictated by the leagues that we participate in.  We need to make sure that we give ourselves an adequate amount of time to compile all player information and send fees to the league before their deadline.


Why are practices scheduled on Wednesday nights?

Practice times are dictated by coach’s requests and/or gym availability. 

Why do practice times change or get cancelled on short notice?

Westside Connection is not affiliated with the Sioux City Community School District and all SCCSD activities take priority over WC practices.  Sometimes these activities are scheduled with short notice and may not be communicated to us right away.


Why does there not seem to be a break between seasons?

The leagues that we participate in dictated when the seasons start so we have to make sure we give the student-athletes and coaches adequate practice time to prepare for the season.

Why do football teams not get very many games?

The Sioux Borders league only schedules games for 5 weeks.  Since there are an odd number of teams in each division one team will only get 4 games.  Coaches try to get other games scheduled but due to field restrictions and player availability it does not always work out.

Why does football not get a schedule at the beginning of the season?

The Sioux Borders league only tells each team who they are going to play and who is the home team.  It is up to the home team to schedule the field and game times so we have to wait for the home teams to give us the game times and if we are the home team we have to make sure we can secure Riverside field and what times it will be available.

What do I need to provide my child as far as equipment?
Volleyball:  Knee Pads, Spandex or shorts and Tennis or Volleyball Shoes.
Football:  Helmet, Cleats and Practice Jersey
Basketball:  Tennis or Basketball Shoes


Why can players’ fees not be waived for the parents who coach?

We average at least 15 coaches per program per season.  If we waive just one players fee per coach that would be over $4,000 a year extra that we would need to fundraise to cover that cost.

Why do concession volunteer schedules come out so late?

In order to make sure we are not asking parents to work while their child is playing we try to wait until the game schedules come out.

How do you communicate when there are opportunities to volunteer?

We use email, Facebook, website and ask coaches to notify coaches via text message or announcements at practice.



Westside Connection
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