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We would love to hear from you! By working together, we can continue to strengthen our commitment to excellence.

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Westside Connection
PO Box 3291
Sioux City, IA 51101
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Chain of Communication

Below you will find a protocol developed to promote problem solving and to build/support a culture of open communication. Westside Connection is striving to fulfill a mission and to reach the goal we need to eliminate communication barriers, solve problems and address concerns quickly and effectively. We must take every opportunity to continuously improve, even if that means taking a hard look at our own needs. We strongly encourage all players, parents, spectators, and coaches to follow the protocol below. Westside Connection will maintain confidentiality, and make every effort to work out all problems and concerns timely and effectively.

Before an issue is brought to anyone, we ask that you complete the “Coaching for Success” form and observe the 24 hours rule. This tool is meant to help you organize your thoughts and record the facts. If you feel this issue is a matter of player safety or well-being, and needs to be addressed immediately, you may bypass this process and contact the board President directly and immediately.

  1. If a parent, player, spectator, or coach has a problem or concern they would like to address they must first observe the 24 hour rule and then turn in the Coaching for Success form. If a parent, player or spectator has an issue with another parent, player or spectator the form must be turned in to the submitting parties coach. If the concern or problem is with the coach or a coach has a problem or concern, they may turn their form into the Sports Advisor or a committee member of that sport.
  2. If there is a reoccurrence or non-resolution of the issue, the issue needs to be brought to the committee.
  3. If there is still an issue or reoccurrence of a problem, it will need to be brought to the board of Directors.

* All Coaching for Success forms must be turned into the Secretary to file away once a resolution has been made.

24 Hour rule - Parents, players, spectators, nor coaches are allowed to discuss a situation in which there may be adverse feelings for at least 24 hours after the situation.


Westside Connection
Westside Connection, PO Box 3291
Sioux City, Iowa 51101

Phone: 712-253-0319
Email: [email protected]
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